Samson G Track Review: The Musician’s USB Microphone


The Samson G usb condenser microphone makes making music on your PC or MAC a whole lot easier. There are a ton of usb microphones on the market today which will help any newbie be able to easily record great audio sound straight into their computer. The G Track goes a step further than many other usb mics in that it allows you to hook other instruments directly into the mic itself.  That means that once you have the Samson G track connected to your computer via the usb connection you’ll be able to connect all the other instruments into the microphone itself.

The Samson G Track Front View

If you look at the picture directly below you can see at the very bottom of the microphone a mic button that controls the microphone’s gain. This will help you reduce any background noise or control the volume if you have a really loud voice. Above the mic gain you can see the instrument gain knob that provides the same function for your instruments. At the very top you will see the output volume knob that will be used to monitor what you hear on your headphones and how loud the sound will play back into your monitor.

The Samson G Track microphone also has a trim control on the front panel with an led light indicator which works as a peak indicator if you peak out the microphone.  With any kind of vocal sound if the indicator turns red then you have peaked the volume and it’s time to turn down the sound. This indicator light also helps to maintain balance so if there’s any unusual movement the light will turn red so you can stabilize the mic.

Samson G Track Review

The Samson G Track Left View

As we turn the G-Track to the left side you can see the input switch. When the setting is on instrument/mic it allows you to play an instrument along with a mic.  You can also use the mic for vocals or you can plug in a guitar or base.  You can also record a podcast with open and close music on the fly and monitor the recording with your headphones. You can sing into the mic and record with keyboards, guitars or base with zero latency monitoring through the headphone output right on the microphone and record your tracks via usb.

The line setting allows you to have a stereo input of an instrument without the use of the microphone.  The line setting also allows you to transfer music from a cd or mp3 player into your computer as the G Track becomes an audio interface. The line setting allows you to have a stereo input of an instrument without the use of the microphone. You can transfer music from a cd or mp3 player into your computer as the G Track simply becomes an audio interface.

Samson G Track Review

The Samson G Track Right View

Now when we switch the microphone to the right side you can see that you can play the audio back in mono, stereo or on the computer that the mic is currently connected to. If you place the setting on mono you will hear everything centered in your headphones.  If you use the stereo setting you will hear your instrument or mp3 player on one side and your microphone on the other side.

Samson G Track Review

Who Is The Samson G For?

The Samson G Track mic is ideal for singers or songwriters that like to produce demos because you can plug your electric keyboard or your guitar directly into the microphone. With the G-Track you don’t need an additional interface nor do you need a preamp because these features are already built into the mic. It’s also great for podcasting as well as conducting Skype interviews. It’s great for recording voiceovers if you offer this service on sites like

What’s Included With the G-Track?

  • Samson G-Track Microphone
  • Desktop Microphone Stand
  • Swivel Stand Mount
  • A USB Cable that is about 10 feet long
  • A 1/4 Inch Cable
  • Cakewalk Sonar Recording Software that records both multi-track and midi.

Samson G Track Review

Additional Items We Recommend for the G-Track


Here’s a quick reminder of some of the things you can do with the Samson G Track:

  • You can use the mic for vocal
  • You can plug-in a guitar or base
  • You can monitor the sound with a set of headphones
  • You can play or sing using two tracks at the same time
  • You can record a guitar and bass on individual tracks
  • You can record stereo instruments
  • You can transfer analog to digital
  • You can control all your computer audio from the mic
  • You can adjust both the mic and instrument gain from the mic
  • You can adjust speaker levels
  • You can use with Garageband on a MAC and Cakewalk’s Sonar LE for Windows (included)
  • All controls are on the mic


The Samson G Track is a well-built microphone. It’s nice and heavy weighing in at 3.3 pounds.  In my opinion it’s on the borderline of being portable but may be fine for short excursions. The Samson G Track has so many bells and whistles packed into it that you’ll wonder how your home studio or band ever survived without one. The only downside is that it may be too much microphone for you’re using it to record a simple podcast with the use of instruments or music.

You Can Get The Samson G Track USB Microphone On Amazon

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